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            2020 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoFind Your RNovember 2-18, 2020

            Welcome! Bienvenue! ?Bienvenidos! Bem-vindo!

            The REALTORS? Conference & Expo is a great opportunity to expand your global learning and make new real estate contacts from all over the world. Hundreds of international real estate professionals from around the globe are expected to attend the conference.

            Combine Your Conference Registration with an International REALTOR? Membership | International Program

            Combine Your Conference Registration with an International REALTOR? Membership

            Did you know that you can sign up to become an International REALTOR? Member when you register for the REALTORS? Conference & Expo? When you do so, you are instantly eligible to register for the REALTORS? Conference & Expo at the U.S. member rate, which is U.S. $199.00, and you will gain all the benefits of International REALTOR? Membership, including:

            • Brand-name Recognition: You are entitled to use the REALTOR? logo and name, if you also are a member of an NAR Global Alliance.
            • “Find a REALTOR?” Database: Your contact information is entered into a database, allowing consumers and fellow professionals to easily find you.
            • Resources & Research: Access thousands of relevant articles, books and research, weekly and monthly newsletters with in-depth articles, case studies and more.
            • Education: Access the largest education portfolio in the industry, and increase your business to stand out from the crowd with an NAR designation or certification. From buyer representation to social media, NAR offers education programming in nearly every real estate niche.
            • And much more!

            Contact narglobe@REALTORS.org with questions about International REALTOR? Membership. View registration options.

            International Program

            Each year, programming specifically for global practitioners, including networking sessions,?expo activities and special events, are scheduled. View the “Conference Sessions” page and search by Topic Category – “International” to view international sessions.

            Global Day and Translated Sessions

            One session and one networking activity per day will be conducted in Spanish. Several conference events and governance meetings throughout the conference will be translated into a number of languages.Contact narglobe@REALTORS.org to find out the languages that will be available.

            Governance Meetings

            Hear the latest trends and solutions to some of the most pressing issues impacting the global real estate markets at the Global Governance meetings:

            • Global Business Councils Forum
            • Global Alliances Advisory Board
            • Global Business & Alliances Committee
            • Global Awards Ceremony

            REALTORS? Expo & Networking

            Take more time to explore the latest tools, technology and services at the REALTORS? Expo over its new three-day format (November 13-15). Connect in personal meetings with sponsors, exhibitors and colleagues from around the world, share experiences and develop referrals during the Global Networking sessions or one of many networking activities provided in the Conference program.

            Global Awards Ceremony

            Friday, November 16, 4:00-5:00 pm
            Join colleagues from all around the world at the Global Awards Ceremony.