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            2020 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoFind Your RNovember 2-18, 2020

            Refocus, Renew, Revitalize Your Business at the REALTORS? Virtual Expo!

            REALTORS? don’t just survive, you thrive! You are determined to discover how to turn challenges into opportunities to reassess and bounce back bigger and better than ever before.

            At the Virtual Expo you will be able to explore and meet with exhibitors and sponsors to hear about cutting-edge products and business solutions so you can optimize all opportunities to serve your community, build your book, and exponentially grow business now, and into the future.

            Expo Dates:

            • November 16 – 18, 2020

            The Expo is open to attendees to view sponsor/exhibitor pages and schedule 1:1 meetings with sponsor/exhibitor representatives. Sponsor/exhibitor representatives will only be available “live” to answer questions during the Exclusive Expo Hours.

            Exclusive Expo Hours

            • November 16 – 18: 1:15 – 2:15 pm CT

            For 3 days, the sponsor/exhibitor pages becomes an interactive space where representatives are able to go live on camera, share screens, Live Chat and moderate Q&A.