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            2020 REALTORS® Conference & ExpoFind Your RNovember 2-18, 2020

            Are You a Potential Speaker or Vendor?

            • Professional Speakers seeking a compensated speaking engagement can submit their information via the Potential Speakers Form.
            • Vendors interested in partnering with the REALTORS? Conference & Expo can submit their information via the Potential Vendors Form.

            Speaker Submission Process | Presentation Guidelines | Evaluation Process | 2020 Topics | Acceptance and Notification Process | Session Scheduling | Speaker FAQ

            NEW FOR 2020! Speaker Resources

            As we embark our our first virtual REALTORS? Conference & Expo, we want to share a few tips to help as you prepare your session.

            View the Following Videos:

            Best Practices for Virtual Content Delivery :

            (tip sheet PDF: 1 MB)
            Best practices for virtual recording PDF thumbnail

            Speaker Submission Process

            The National Association of REALTORS? uses a speaker submission process to evaluate speakers for the REALTORS? Conference & Expo. All speakers who are interested in being considered for a conference session time slot must complete a Call for Proposals application.

            The 2021 Call for Proposals will be open November 11 through December 15, 2020 at 12:00pm noon Central Time.?

            Important note: NAR recommends submitting your application early to avoid any technical issues with its speaker submission portal. If you have not submitted a presentation through the speaker submission portal before, please scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click where it says “No Profile? Click here to create a profile!”. If you have questions, or if you have difficulty with the online submission process, email NARConfSpeak@realtors.org.

            NAR maintains a strict self-promotion policy. Speakers must agree to provide educational content only and not promote their product or services before, during or at the end of their speaker session. Speakers who are interested in promoting their products and services can exhibit at the REALTORS? Expo; contact the exhibition staff separately at NAR@heiexpo.com. Speakers chosen to participate who have products to promote may receive a discount on a booth.

            Presentation Guidelines

            Session topics must be relevant and applicable to today’s real estate profession. Conference attendees want to hear about innovative ways to be more productive and successful in their real estate businesses.

            Our attendees learn best through interactive formats. In fact, Monday will be dedicated to hands-on workshops for our attendees. Consider developing a session that involves participants by using questions, exercises and other activities. Please label all workshop submissions appropriately in the submission form.

            NAR also seeks moderators and group speakers for panels. If you are interested in putting together a panel session, please indicate this in your presentation. You do not have to have the names and details of all panelists available by the Call for Proposals deadline. However, you should clearly articulate what topic the panelists will cover and how each panelist will bring a unique perspective to the group. Panel Moderators should choose the “Presenter” option when filing a presentation. Panelists must be secured no later than 2 months out from the conference.

            Evaluation Process

            Each speaking proposal must be accompanied by a short speaker video that demonstrates presentation skills. Please ensure the video is a clip and not full length, not to exceed three minutes.

            The 2021 Meeting & Conference Committee will review all submissions, and proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:

            1. Well-defined session topic that is relevant to today’s real estate professional
            2. Practical application of session material in a real estate business
            3. Speaker’s level of knowledge and expertise in the session topic
            4. Speaker credentials, including references
            5. Speaker presentation style and teaching approach, which should be demonstrated in the video link you will provide

            Submitting a session proposal does not guarantee acceptance. Session proposals are reviewed based on the factors listed above. In some cases, session proposals that meet these requirements will also not be selected due to limited program space. We invite all speakers to resubmit proposals for the following year.

            Topics for the 2020 REALTORS? Conference & Expo

            The topics below are representative of the subjects presented at the REALTORS? Conference & Expo:

            • Strategies to increase your profitability
            • Tactics for growing your market share
            • Ways to diversify your business
            • Emboldening your brand
            • Communications and relationship-building
            • Lead generation and sales techniques for a modern market
            • Motivational sessions with strategic takeaways
            • Risk management
            • Strategies for managing and growing teams

            You are welcome to submit any topic of your choice, if you feel it would appeal to a portion of the REALTOR? audience.

            Acceptance and Notification Process

            Speakers who are selected will receive a Speaker Agreement to review and sign, as well as a Speaker Checklist with planning information and deadlines.

            Selected speakers agree to provide educational content only and must abide by NAR’s personal, product and services promotion specifications before, during and at the end of the session.

            All speakers receive a complimentary Premier Access pass to the 2021 REALTORS? Conference & Expo? and a free recording of their education session after the event. Speakers with products or services to sell may receive a discount booth at the REALTORS? Expo. No additional compensation is provided.

            All speakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses to the REALTORS? Conference & Expo. NAR will provide instructions for registering for the event and booking hotel arrangements through the official registration system Experient.

            Session Scheduling

            Education sessions will be held in San Diego, CA on November 12, 13, 14 and 15. Sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes long. If your presentation is accepted, the NAR Education Team will verify your exact speaking date and the length of session and will work with you to develop your session accordingly. We are planning for Monday, November 15 to consist of hands-on workshops, which have been highly sought after by past attendees. Note that if you submit a workshop or roundtable discussion format, and it is accepted, it will likely be scheduled for Monday.

            Speaker FAQ

            About the Event

            The REALTORS? Conference & Expo is the largest annual gathering of real estate professionals. Education, networking, motivation and fun are the four components of a successful REALTORS? Conference & Expo. The conference education sessions give attendees practical and timely information on how to do their business better. The expo floor features hundreds of real estate-related products and services for REALTORS? — and their clients.

            Who attends the REALTORS? Conference & Expo?

            On average, 20,000 REALTORS? and guests attend the REALTORS? Conference & Expo each year. Attendees come from a wide variety of real estate backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they are savvy businesspeople and successful in their marketplace. In fact, the typical conference attendee reports making twice as much income from real estate as the average NAR member.

            2018 Attendee Profile

            REALTORS? Conference & Expo Attendees:

            • Represent all 50 states
            • Include 1,400 international guests from over 65 countries
            • Have 16 years of experience in real estate on average
            • Report a median annual income of $116,071
            • Are a mix of repeat and first-time attendees: In 2018, one-third of guests were new to the event and over 60% had attended at least three out of the last five conferences
            • Work predominantly in residential real estate (52%), but represent many areas of the industry, including commercial, property management, resort and second home, land, appraisal and auction

            Conference attendees hold a variety of different functions within real estate, including buyer and seller representatives, broker-owners and firm managers. Attendees also work in real estate offices large and small, including independent brokerages and large franchises.

            Please note: A number of states have changed the real estate licensing categories, so using agent and broker may no longer indicate who the target audience is for a specific topic. Each U.S. state independently licenses real estate professionals. The term REALTOR? is a national and international mark of membership with the National Association of REALTORS ?. Learn more about the difference between a real estate professional and a REALTOR?.

            What is the benefit of speaking at the REALTORS? Conference & Expo?

            • Speakers receive increased visibility within the real estate industry, which includes not only REALTORS?, but also managing brokers, franchise owners and local/state real estate board staff.
            • NAR also holds governance meetings over the conference dates, which gives speakers access not only to successful real estate professionals, but also to the association’s most influential leaders.
            • Speakers also receive a complimentary Premier Access pass to the event the year they are speaking. This pass gives the speaker access to attend other education sessions, the four-day REALTORS? Expo and entrance to most major special events. All speakers receive a complimentary recording of their session.
            • Please note: NAR does not provide speaker compensation beyond what is listed above, and speakers are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.

            Why am I not permitted to sell/promote my products and services in the session?

            Attendees come to the session for an educational experience, not to hear a sales pitch. They consistently give negative evaluations to sessions that they perceive to be “product or personal pitches.” A trade show booth is the appropriate place for business transactions and promotional activities. Speakers who are also interested in exhibiting at the REALTORS? Expo should contact the exhibition staff separately at NAR@heiexpo.com.